Has the camper got any power point outlets?
Our campers don’t have any power point outlets however all our trailers have multiple 12V outlets internally and externally. Please bring cigarette lighter type chargers or USB chargers to charge your electronic devices if needed.

How long does it take to set up the camper trailer?
The hardfloors setup to sleep can take around 5 minutes, this includes the full annex (that we leave attached on for your convenience) plus the outside poles. If you wish to attach the draft skirt, walls and floor and other awnings then it can take approx 10 to 15 minutes. The softfloor setup to sleep can take around 10 minutes. Annex and awnings can be an additional 20 to 30 minutes to setup. We have labelled all poles and provide a diagram to make the setup process as easy as possible.

There’s just myself, will I be able to set it up alone?
Our hardfloor campers are super easy to setup and designed to be setup alone however depending on your experience the softfloor can be challenging. Check out our videos on our blog or Facebook page.

Does the trailer have brakes?
Yes, we have ensured that all our trailers have been changed to mechanical override brakes so you don’t have to pay hundreds of dollars to have the in-car electric system installed. If you already have the electric braking system in your car, the trailers can still accomodate for the electric system also.

Does the camper trailer have a spare tyre?
FF1 Hardfloor camper has two spare high quality off-road tyres – located at the rear of the trailer
Quattro Hardfloor camper has one spare high quality off-road tyre – also located at the rear of the trailer and,
Sahara Softfloor campers have one spare off-road tyre – located at the front of the trailer

Can I take my tinny, kayak or canoe?
You sure can, the FF1 Series III has racks and winch to carry a small tinny, kayaks or canoes. Both the hardfloor trailers also have the ability to carry extra bags and/or objects on the front racks. 

Will my personal vehicle insurance cover the camper trailer?
Most likely not. We have insurance cover over all our trailers but your own comprehensive motor vehicle insurance policies usually do not cover a ‘hired’ camper trailer. It is recommended that you take out travel insurance on your vehicle and personal belongings.

If I hire a camper trailer for a weekend and then purchase the same model through Bundaberg Adventure Camper Hire will I receive a discount?
We are offering a ‘try before you buy’ system on all our hardfloor campers. You’ll be able to take a camper trailer for the weekend to your selected destination and should you then sign a contract within 2 months to purchase a brand new hardfloor then we will give you your weekend camper trailer hire for free – yes that’s right, FREE!

What will happen if the camper and annexes are wet at the time of closing it?
The canvas on our camper trailers are all waterproof and they will not allow moisture to seep through to your personal items and/or damage the internal trailer. When you stop over again it should all be setup ASAP and allowed to dry out to avoid mould and mildew. (within 24 hours max)

Does the camper trailer have a shower and toilet?
Luxury hardfloor camper trailers come with a shower ensuite and hot water system but do not have a toilet.
Softfloor campers have neither a shower, hot water system or toilet. The hardfloor campers do have extra storage space that would allow for a portable camping toilet to be taken.

Do the camper trailers have kitchen facilities?
Hardfloor campers are fitted with a full stainless steel kitchen – includes sink with water tap, 4 burner gas stove and grill as well as a full bottle of gas, stainless steel bench, cutlery & cooking utensil drawers and tea towel rack + led lighting. We also include all kitchen cooking and entertaining accessories for your convenience – these items are listed out in full under the ‘Hire Rates & Inclusions’ page on our website. We also include a 62L (Quattro) or 74L (FF1) plus a pantry slide in the FF1 to store all non-perishable food.

Softfloor campers are fitted with a powder coated kitchen – includes sink with water tap/pump, cutlery & utensil drawers and extender bench. We also include, at no extra cost to you, a portable 3 burner gas stove and full bottle of gas as well as all kitchen cooking and entertaining accessories for your convenience.

Do we supply camp chairs, tables and any other useful camping items?
All camper trailers are fit out for a group of 4 people. They will have 4 x Wanderer camp chairs and 1 x 1.2m table for under your annex. Hardfloor campers also come with a small portable table which can be setup within the trailers dining setting and a fridge/freezer between 60 and 80 litres. We will include 2 x camp stretchers in all our softfloor campers as well. The hardfloor campers are both fitted with internal LED Lighting and we supply you with two by portable LED Lighting strips for the softfloor campers. A heavy duty LED Dolphin Torch plus battery, floor mat, broom and dust pan and brush are also all supplied. Please see our inclusions list for other included items.

Do I have to bring my own bedding?
Yes, this is one of the very few things we don’t supply so you will need to supply all your own bedding. This will include a queen size fitted sheet and top blanket of your choice, pillows and other bedding such as sleeping bags for the Quattro and softfloor campers which will have 2 single beds and or 2 camp stretchers as well as another double or queen fitted sheet for the FF1 hardfloor if the extra double bed is required.

What happens if something breaks while I’m away?
We understand that accidents do happen so just give us a quick call to let us know and if it’s an item you require whilst you’re away please go ahead and purchase this and we will reimburse you for the cost as soon as we receive a purchase invoice. Please phone to confirm beforehand however on all items.

Do I have to clean the trailer before returning to the drop off destination?
Yes, we expect all trailers to be dropped off in the same condition they were picked up. If excessive cleaning is required then a fee will be charged at $60 per hour and taken from your security bond. Should you wish Bundaberg Adventure Camper Hire to clean the trailer for you then 24 hours notice is required. See our provided terms and conditions for further information.

What can I clean the canvas with?
No gerni on the canvas please. A gerni on low pressure can be used on a packed up trailer for underneath and the outside but definitely not on the canvas. Soft brush only and NO cleaning agents as it ruins the waterproofing, just water.

Can I take the camper trailers off road?
Yes, all our campers are designed for off road conditions. Extreme off road conditions that lead to damage to the trailers however will lead to the hirer forfeiting their security bond and additional payments for insurance excess to fix any damage. See our terms and conditions.

Are there restrictions on where I can take the camper trailer?
We have no restrictions on how far or where you can take our campers and encourage you to take them far and wide.

Do you do one-way camper trailer hire?
No unfortunately, you’ll have to return the trailer back to the pick up location at 16 Ellen Drive, Bundaberg.

Is there an age limit?
Yes, the hirer must be over the age of 21 years old and hold a current, open drivers licence.

When will I get my bond back?
Bond will be held for a period of up to 7 days to allow for a full inspection of the camper trailer for damages and missing items. Bonds will be refunded within this 7 day period back to the card it was paid from.

If I have any problems whilst out travelling who do I contact?
Contact us at any time should an issue arise. Dylan – 0401 625 511 or Andrea – 0421 937 587. Otherwise email us at info@bundyadventurecampers.com or Facebook message.